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Time to worry

    During one inspection last year, I had the pleasure of inspecting a home where the homeowner criticized inspectors from the moment I walked in. If you are buying a home, this is the time you should worry.

I cannot think of a home inspector who would want to treat the seller badly, even when working for the buyer. The seller is a potential client. I tried to be polite and professional while being graced with negative comments. The interesting thing was that the seller had said that the buyer was the only offer she accepted, and she had not bought or sold a home in the past twenty years, so why the disdain for an inspection?

The seller had several boxes stored in the house ready for the move, and I was informed that I was not allowed to shift them, since they contained fragile antiques. I did find issues, but I was particularly curious about a sloppy repair job under a sink. I could not find a leak, but there was evidence that a leak had occurred once.  I stated this in my report, and then informed my client to expect something to be happening there.

After my client moved in, I was called back to check out a leak in the area where the boxes had been. On the other side of the wall was the bathroom where I had noted the repair. I reminded the client of my comments, and how the seller to the last was telling my client to not take any report that I produce seriously.

The lesson to be learned is always watch your clients reaction to your inspector.


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