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Description of Blog Roll and Categories

I wanted to keep this blog simple, but useful to anyone who is looking for information on buying/selling a home, or for people who are evaluating what to do with their home. Since I work in the Houston area, I was trying to keep my writing specific to Houston, but I have found that this work applies to others as well.

My initial feelings for the blogroll was that it should reflect sites dedicated to Houston. The Houston Association of Realtors has been suggesting that Realtors should use this medium to connect with clients, so I thought I would find quite a few. To my surprise that was not to be. I started looking at other blogs from people involved in the real estate industry, and I think I have found some current ones, which are providing useful information. Here they are:

Elaine Reese is a Realtor in Ohio, who writes on a variety of topics for home buyers, including inspections. It is the Reese’s Pieces blog.

The Simple Dollar is not about real estate, but it does go into issues facing new homeowners: your money and finances. I thought that this might be useful to new homeowners, who find themselves struggling with a budget.

Real Estate Investing in the Real World is a great blog connected to a website for real estate investors.

In My View Blog is written by a Realtor in Houston. He actually writes posts on a variety of topics, but there are many good ones on real estate.

Buyer’s Edge Realty is a new blog from a Realtor and appraiser, Gary Herbst. Look at the Home Buyer’s Tips section for good information. If the blogs are as good, there should be useful information here.

Almost Famous Mortgages is a blog by Tony Marks, a mortgage originator. I was looking for a blog like this, because I think it is important to know about mortgages and their terminology before you obtain your own loan.

Envirostats is a blog by Minh Tan who is looking at a host of issues concerning the environment. Since green building techniques are becoming more of a concern (and a trend), I thought a link to his section about homes should be included here.

The Blog that ate Miami is by the Realtor Maggie Dokic. Some posts are specific to her area, but there is a good balance here, with some information for anyone.

Youragentsteph is by Stephanie Edwards-Musa, a Realtor from The Woodlands (close to Houston). She has quite a few interesting posts on different subjects, which revolve around real estate. For people in the Houston area, this site can contain some good posts for you.

The Appraiser’s Corner is a blog that I stumbled upon on Technocrati, and it looks to be from a fellow Houstonian. There are some good posts describing appraisals and their importance.

I have a link to my website, which has more information. There is also a link to WordPress (many thanks to them for being such a fantastic host for this site).

I will be adding more blogs as I find them. I am not looking for blogs which express the same opinion as I have; I am looking for blogs where the posts can give consumers good information about a home or the process of buying or selling a home. If you have any suggestions (or if you write a blog), please send them along for me to see and add to this roll.

About the categories, I did not want to have too many, so I decided on three:

Home Inspections- deal with anything about or what happened during a home inspection. It is meant to help you understand what an inspector is doing.

Real Estate Issues- deal with various topics concerning the real estate market from Realtors, home equity credit, mortgages, home staging, or concerns effecting this market.

Technologies for the home- deals with products for the home, as well as how to handle some home repair projects.

Any ideas which will help home buyers/sellers you have will be gladly accepted.


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