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Heading towards the light-part 6

I saw that some people had questions about lights in the kitchen, which my previous post did not address. I know of no code which prohibits any type of bulb from being used in a kitchen, but there are codes regulating how those bulbs are placed.

Health codes do not effect residential food prep areas, but generally around the country, most bulbs have to be covered in some way to prevent the bulb from shattering into the food. This is usually done by a panel, but their are bulbs with a film over them to accomplish this task. I have not seen them available in stores selling to a residential market though. (Note: I just went to a home improvement center this morning, and I found that GE sells a bulb under the name Saf-T-Guard in the specialty bulb section, which meets this criteria). Building codes do not prohibit lights under cabinets, but they do have a rule for above the stove: 24 inches. The range hood needs to be above 24 inches, but for a surface that could burn like a cabinet will be 30 inches.

Hope this helps.


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