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A Host of New Shows and a Revamped Website

I have not watched cable television on a regular basis in over twelve years. Last month was the first time that I saw some programs on real estate investing, and last night was the first for some shows on selling a home. I still not rushing out to obtain this programming myself.

Some of the home repair shows and the real estate investing shows had problems with their representations. The shows on preparing a home for sale took a better perspective in my opinion. (I am sorry, but I really did not pay attention to their names. I think the shows were on a channel that had the call letters HGTV). The shows took a light look at working on the home. Every one was joking, and having a great time when remaking their homes. The half hour format also led to a view that these steps can be quick and easy. Expect to work when setting up your home for sale. The shows did present several good ideas on design/homestaging, which left me with a better feeling than a show called “Flip It” (?, maybe that is not the correct name, but it is close). I think these shows can give you some great ideas. Just remember, life is wonderful on TV, and never real.

Taunton Press has several good publications dealing with the home. One is a magazine called Fine Homebuilding. This magazine is great for me, but maybe not for some one who has a casual interest in construction and remodeling. The magazine has a website that has been revamped to become a useful tool to homeowners. There are free articles on the site, but with a paid membership, you have access to many good articles on various topics that can help improve your home. There is a one month membership which is good when you are tackling a single project, and a yearly membership for when you have several projects. Some of the ideas would be great in dealing with the larger projects to update your home for sale.


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