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Book Review: Inspecting a House by Rex Cauldwell

Taunton Press offers many great publications for those involved in building, remodeling, or projects. One of their offerings from 2001 is a book by an inspector/electrician/plumber/contractor. The book is Inspecting a House by Rex Cauldwell.

If you are interested in how an inspector looks at a home, this is a good starting point. (I will plug my website here as an alternative. Under the blogroll is a link to my site. The “For RE Investors” page describes an inspection using few tools, and the “Owning a Home” page describes a report from Texas. Alright, end of shameless plug.) Cauldwell breaks the inspection down into parts, which contain checklists for each section. The book is meant for inspectors or people considering the profession, but it is not so technical. Diagrams and pictures help one to comprehend his explanations. Standards for inspections do differ around the country, but all inspectors are following a basic idea- is the home built and holding up well?

Maybe homeowners and people just involved with buying or selling a home do not need this book, but they should give it a glance, so they can see what to examine. If you are involved with a home project, take a look at what an inspector would investigate, so you would correct issues early with less expense. I would suggest that if you are a Realtor or an investor, this book could be a good reference tool for you. You probably would already have a good working knowledge of this topic, but refreshers never hurt.

It is the only book that I am aware of dedicated to inspecting a home. Most other books will only have brief chapters that do not really delve into the topic, so if you are curious, this work can give you a good background.


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