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About a Home Inspection Report

Seeing that some searches have been inquiring about what should be done with an inspection report, I thought that I should write a quick post on the topic. I hate to do this, but my site has what I think to be a good article on understanding the report and what happens with it. However, here are some facts about the report:

1. Whoever pays for the report, owns the report. This means that the payee controls who sees what is in the report. If the payee is working with a Realtor, the Realtor needs to see the report. This is done for the Realtor to make plans about what to do about items in the report. Sellers do not need to show the report to buyers, but there is an obligation by the seller to disclose what they know about their home in written form in many states.

2. Inform your inspector on who you want to see the report. I have offered to go over the report away from the sellers when a buyer has commissioned me for a report. There is not usually a problem with all parties involved knowing what is in the report. However, the inspector will be walking into a situation where he does not know what has occurred between the buyer and seller, and there may be a reason to keep this information in the report from the other party.

3. Once you have the report, go over it to see what needs to be done, and what you may feel is the seller’s responsibility. Many items are just simple fixes, which happen in older homes or newly built ones. You want to be on the look out for major items like the foundation.

4. We inspectors use terminology that may not be common, so ask what it all means. I was reminded of this fact yesterday when explaining a report, I was discussing an issue without thinking that my terminology was not making sense to my client. Fortunately, she spoke up and asked, so she could understand. No inspector wants you to be confused by his report, so they should be happy to discuss it with you.

Well, there it is in brief.


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