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On the Steps of a Luxury Home

fter having been at one construction site this week, I ended up at two sites where luxury homes were being built. I think that phase inspections should be more important for homeowners. You may think that paying more for home would ensure quality in construction and materials, but I have seen that there is no guarantee of this fact.

Some of the same issues that I pointed out for affordable homes cropped up for some luxury town homes. Framing seemed haphazard and the engineered lumber was looking distressed. The foundation was experiencing some cracks due to the load of the uncompleted building. I wonder what would happen when the complete weight of the finished building comes to bear on the foundation.

The second site was more promising. Have you ever looked at someone’s work station just to find a mess? There work is probably also haphazard. A messy home (or car) frequently indicates a disorganized life. This rule applies to job sites as well. Construction is a messy business, but there is a difference between trash lying around the job, and having dirt pushed into piles or dust from building the home. It was this fact that struck me as I peered at the second site. Empty bottles and lunch bags were not to be found. Extra material was not strewed about the site. Material was well organized, and ready to be used.

If you are building your own home, and you have not budgeted for phase inspections, you should stop by your home as it is being built. How does the site look? If you feel that it looks clean, the builders are probably doing a good job. Read up on what to look for in a home, so you can see if the work is being done properly. Good luck with your new home.


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