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Product Review: Stick on LED lights and EZ Shim

I guess hardware stores are nice playgrounds, but I do not often go in looking at new tools. I am curious about new products, which are meant to make our lives easier. When purchasing the materials to make Halloween decorations, I found two products that I had heard about, but I had not used yet: battery powered stick on LED lights; and EZ Shim.

The lights are meant for under cabinet use, but they can be applied to any surface in any location that you want. Just peel the backing and stick. The lights come from different manufacturers, and they work the same way. Push the light to turn them on, and you can twist the cover to take it off, for switching the batteries. They use three AAA batteries. You will need several to get a decent amount of light in one area, but you can use one light as a sort of guidepost for those who want to know where they are at night. If you are sticking them up in a location with a lot of humidity, like around an active stove top, the sticky backing will give way, but this is the only consideration that I have found when thinking about placement. So far I have enjoyed these little lights. They run close to ten dollars each.

Do you have a ghost door? One of my doors will magically close by itself. This could be an indication of something else in your house, but it could just be the way the door was placed in its frame. EZ Shim is a plastic shim designed to be placed behind the hinge on the jamb side of a door to take care of this problem. Traditionally wood shims have been used for this application, but they are not the easiest thing to use for the average homeowner. This plastic shim is a great product for the do-it-yourselfer, who wants to repair his own door. Depending on what your door is doing, you need to have the shim tilt the door ever so slightly to prevent it from opening or closing alone, or from sticking.

Simple items to improve your life are grand.


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