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First Sunday at the MFAH

The store Target has done something wonderful for us here in Houston. The first Sunday of every month is free to one and all at the Museum of Fine Arts. You can tour many of the galleries, and go to various stations manned by volunteers to have some artistic fun.

The event has included musical, dance, and puppet performances so far. Each month brings a new show. The stations have crafts which for the most part are for younger kids, but my eleven year old son has enjoyed them, and I see others of this age group there. Some craft stations are meant for older kids or adults. I found a jewelry making station this past Sunday. Although many people may have focused on the stations, my family loved wandering through the galleries to see the art.

If you are looking for a family day that will not cost you an arm and a leg, you may find that you will really enjoy this event. The MFAH will give you a ten percent discount on your membership if you join on that day, or at least that is mentioned in two of my flyers. You can head over to Herman Park for a picnic or to the Village for a meal. The Village does have many family friendly eateries, but you may want to keep up the adventure by trying some Turkish food at the Istanbul Grill. The kids like sitting outside there, but my son likes the soccer games on the television inside the establishment.

With all the expenses you may have setting up your new home, take the time to relax with this free day.



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