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My Desire to Prepare the Perfect Meal

A home inspector writing about cooking may seem strange to you, but most of us inspectors love our homes, so we want to use them to their fullest. I think you will probably find most inspectors at a grill or barbecue pit, but my mother made me learn to cook when I was young, to help her out.

Since I have been married, I was the one always doing the cooking at home. When in kindergarten, my son thought all fathers were the cooks in their families. I have tried to find ways to help making meals quickly, and so I spent some time trying to learn how to cook well. At one time, I was a certified food service manager, but I had dreams of being a chef.

I am writing this post to introduce the fact that on Sundays I will be including a post on cooking and kitchens to this blog. Being an inspector, I will continue to point out what I look for in regards to my job, but I want to branch out into discussing kitchen design and meal preparation, along with recipes. I will also go over equipment.

I thought that I should include this topic, because it might be of interest to the new homeowner. Particularly now that you may have a larger space for meal preparation and dining with family or friends.



  Meal Assembly Guelph wrote @

i love cooking! i do it for a living actually. if you are interested i have a Home Cooked Meals Toronto site and you could get some great ideas off of there! i think its great youre starting to have cooking posts! good luck!

  frankschulteladbeck wrote @

Thank you. I actually need to get back to work on these posts. I have started another blog that I am working on now.

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