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Volunteering at the Food Bank

Have you considered doing something meaningful with your kids? Volunteering could be a great way to connect with your children, while helping others. My favorite place to volunteer is the Houston Food Bank.

The Food Bank allows children as young as eight years old to volunteer. You will have to go to an orientation meeting, where you will be introduced to the facility, and you will have to fill out some forms for you and your child. They prefer that you work an entire shift, which is around three to four hours. With children present, they will be place you in the repack room. The kids may want to work in the warehouse, but the repack room is safer. This is an air conditioned room in the warehouse, where can goods from food drives are separated into bins, and then packaged in boxes to be stored in the warehouse till needed. It is not labor intensive, and the kids have fun. They may even make new friends. There are times to volunteer that are convenient for families. Tuesday nights are open, so many parents and kids can be found then.

About every month, the Food Bank sends out a letter letting you know how many hours you worked. The kids then have something to show at school. Volunteering gives them pride, and being with you gives them a closer connection to you. Consider finding opportunities like this for your family.


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