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Home Inspector Marketing Part 1

I noticed that some people have been coming to this blog for marketing information, and I have had some people analyzing my site for keywords or other marketing data, so I thought that I would make it easier on you, and give away what I do.

Well, firstly, you have picked the wrong person to research. I am not that accomplished. I will go over what I am doing on the web here, and the next post will go over my other marketing attempts. I have been doing my own SEO (search engine optimization). My nature has led me to figure out how to do it on my own, rather than hiring a firm. I just wanted to understand how it is done, and then I will probably hire someone later. I have been in business for awhile, but my internet presence started in August of this year. I created a website and then this blog.

Before these sites, I had advertised on a local search engine, which did not produce a good return on investment. When choosing to pay for an ad on the net, ask the provider if the figures on searches are national or local. I was led to believe that national numbers were for local searches. Consumers are using the internet in greater numbers for real estate searches, but the numbers are pretty dismal for consumers looking for inspectors. This may change, as buyers start relying less on their Realtors to find better value service providers. For this reason, I maintain my web presence, even though it has not generated much income for me. Most of my business has come from other sources.

Most people who come to my site type in my URL into their browser. I use my other marketing means to promote my site. All of my marketing material, which is any item coming out of my business, has my website listed. They come back to the site, because I try to make it useful for them. About fifty percent of the people come to my site by this means. The remaining 50% breaks down to people coming to my site through search engines (25%) and through links (25%). About ten percent of those coming from the search engines are actually looking for an inspector. Most come looking for some type of other information. The most successful links that I have which bring people to my site have been websites that deal with real estate in my local market. HoustonTexasRealEstate.com and InvestorNationBlog.com have been great for this. However to make these links work, I produce material for them. I am actively involved in posting to their blogs and answering questions. Another link strategy is to post comments on other blogs. These comments lead back to your site. If Realtors in your area have blogs, this could be a good way to introduce yourself, while also having other people find you. I only post comments on blogs that interest me, and I only make a comment when it is appropriate. A comment for a comment’s sake is useless, and it probably be deleted, so my comment strategy makes my presence known, but it is not really marketing.

I do have listings on Active Rain (which is a social networking site for real estate professionals), LinkedIn, and Naymz. To be honest, I do not get social networking, and I do not see how these sites can help my business. I have made some contacts though, so I guess that I need to put some more effort into this medium. Facebook or MySpace could also be a means for marketing, but again, it is not my cup of tea. I think that YouTube could be great. You could show people what you do. I am an ugly man, and no one needs to see me crawling through an attic, but I offer this idea as a good tool. I am a member of the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, which links to my site. Being the only inspector listed has caused interest in me.

My site does not show up high in the rankings for inspection services, but search engines rank my site high for information about the home and the process of buying and selling. There seems to be a Catch-22 for new websites. You need links to be recognized by the search engines, but the penalize you if you are new site who is building links. I noticed that the inspector sites that rank high are ones that have been up for around two years. I did pay for links on sites like Joeant, Gimpsy, Sitesift, and WOW directory, and this has led to minor interest in my website. Writing articles for Ezine Articles has been good. The first ten articles are free, and good posts will get you noticed. I am currently experimenting with Adwords, but this has not brought in business for me. I will continue to play with it to see if I can make it work.

The all important keywords. The term “home inspection” seems to be the most common search phrase. I just use phrases that are used for the profession, like home inspector, real estate inspector, or phrases that describe the service, like home inspections. Other keywords for my different web pages describe those pages. The two best tools that I have found for analyzing other inspector sites are my web browser and a plug-in for that browser. My browser is Mozilla Firefox. It is a free download from Mozilla. Any browser will have this option though; look at websites with the page source option, where the HTML code is given. Keywords are on the top of the page. There is a plug-in for Firefox called SEO for Firefox. This is a great tool for understanding how your competitors have built their links. There are many free tools out there, but these are the ones that I use on a regular basis.

I also subscribe to the e-mail letters from MediaPost Publications. These are free, and they have good marketing tips. Posts and articles are collected in one easy place with some great ideas. The number of e-mails can be overwhelming each day, so pick the ones that you want. I have picked up a few books from the library to skim through. I would not buy one of them.

Well that is it for my internet marketing. In the next post, I will tell you my other marketing means. I am not pursuing a clear cut SEO strategy at this time, because I think that the search engines are of no use to me at this point. The most useful purely internet marketing has been other local websites and the Ezine Articles, so I am concentrating on them for now. My main marketing focus is still outside of the internet. If you have any tips or suggestions please feel free to leave them as a comment. If you have a good inspection blog, tell me about it, and I will give you a link from this blog. Hey, Google may not like you for it, but maybe it will help you.



  Mixed Market Arts wrote @

Very detailed and informative post. Thanks!

  frankschulteladbeck wrote @

Since writing this post, more people have been looking up my keywords. Alright, here are some more details. Firstly, everyday, I check the statistics page of my blog and website. My main goal is trying to figure out why someone came to my site, and did I help them. Many of my posts are in response to queries from search terms. Some are from people asking me. This is how I know that I am being analyzed, which led me to write this post. Secondly, my keyword strategy is basic. Search engines know where you are, so when you type in a request for a service, they send back results for your area. Most people just type in the word inspections or inspector, so those have become my most popular keywords. The next big keywords are searchers who add a specific location to those words, like Houston inspections. I recently tried a new strategy that has worked well in the number of searches for a specific keyword. I am using the phrase “Houston real estate”. It has nothing to do with inspections, but it does have to do with my profession. I am trying to think of some more curve ball approaches like this one.
I mentioned in the post that I am working with my Adwords campaign. I am playing with phrases that fit their required number of letters. I figure that every couple of months, I will change the ad to see what works. Currently most inspectors write something about inspections or their qualifications, so I am staying away from that idea. I am looking into ways of making a person curious, because the ad is different.

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