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A Day in the Zoo

It is a rainy, dreary day outside my window, but I just received an e-mail reminder that it is coming time to renew my zoo membership. On Saturday mornings, I take my son to his German school in the village at Christ the King Lutheran Church. (By the way, this is a gorgeous church with many events going on there, notably the Bach Society). While my son toils away learning the tongue of his ancestors, my daughter and I head over to Hermann Park. We are there most Saturday mornings. The park is a real spectacle on these mornings. Bridal and quincinera photographs are being taken all over the park, as well as young ladies having “fashion” photos taken by boyfriends or amateur photographers. My sixteen month old daughter will imitate their poses, waiting for me to snap a photo. Our main goal on many days is to take some time strolling through the zoo.

I purchased a membership because of my frequency there. The zoo is a great place for a leisurely walk. Walking through the primate area is fascinating. Some mornings we are treated to death defying acrobatics. My daughter screams with delight as the elephants go through their morning rituals. The most fun has to be the ground squirrels going through their morning panic. I wonder if we humans appear that way on our way to work. The children’s zoo is of course the place to play. My daughter has discovered the wonders of the carousel. Even after having gone with my daughter, my son makes the request to go too. On occasion, we will have a family day there on Sunday. My daughter insists on showing her mother all of the wonders of the day before.

You may well consider buying a family membership to the zoo. It helps the zoo, and if you make use of it, you may find that you will have some nice walks and memories.


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