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A Burrito?

I wanted to write a post on kitchen design elements to consider, but it has been a busy week, so I will have to leave that idea till I have more time to properly deal with that subject. I thought that I could do a quick post on a clever use of left overs.

I was in a rush the other day, and I did not have the time to spend on preparing a meal. I did not want to serve the same meal again, so I came up with a sort of burrito or maybe I should call it an enchilada. You see, I have a Mexican wife, so I would not be able to make such a dish that would compare favorably to my mother-in-laws. I had a little steak left from a teriyaka style dish and some vegetables (squash with tomatoes and onions). I pulled out the food processor and blended the steak with some cheese. I had a white cheese from Lebanon called Chicago cheese. I have no idea why it has that name, but I buy it from an Armenian grocer, and it works for me. I took this blend as a filling for some flour tortillas, which I rolled, and I placed in a baking pan. I then placed the vegetables with a few more vegetables (more onions and some baby bok choi) with the remaining sauce from the previous meal and a little water. I blended this in the processor till I had a smooth sauce. I covered the enchiladas (no chile in the sauce because of the kids; I have some harrisa on the side). Lastly, I sprinkled the remaining filling on top of this. I placed rice in a casserole with some tomato paste and corn. Spiced this mixture up with some cumin and chile powder, and set both pans in the oven for forty minutes at 350F. I had other things to do, so I decided this was a good way to handle the meal.

It was a great way to serve the vegetables, and the meat had already been flavored from the previous cooking. I impressed my family with a new meal, which they did not realize was the leftovers from last evening. I patted my own back. Just thought I would share this idea.


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