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Your Local Library

Have you considered your library as an activity center? When I complete an inspection, I hand a sheet to my clients that I call “Your New Neighborhood”. I provide bits of information about the area that I think they will need. One item that I try hard to include (but for areas outside of Houston, I find difficult at times) is the location of the local library. Sometimes I get an odd look, but most people appreciate it.

The Houston Public Library is a wonderful system that not only offers books for lending, but a host of other things for your enrichment and entertainment. There are movie showings for kids. Craft time, book readings, and singing for the younger children. Computers for accessing the internet, as well as containing learning games for children. There are clubs for all ages, including gaming or investing. Meetings for those wanting to start a small business to other topics for adults.

My children and I go once a week to a different location, and we always find something for all of us to be interested in. Libraries are pretty popular, so you may know about them, but I thought it would be a good post to remind people of this fantastic resource. Pick up one of the flyers by the check out desk, which list events for the month at all of the locations. I like to travel to different locations for the art exhibits. Yes, art exhibits and cultural exhibits are common at libraries.

In this season when we reflect on our lives during the past year, and we share gifts with those we love, I would like to also implore you to remember your local library with the gift of books. A book in good condition is a benefit to these organizations, so give a little back to your community.


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