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An Easy Family Meal: Roadside Cabbage, Flax Seed Rice, and a Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Roadside Cabbage with salad and flax rice

I had a little pork roast left over the other day. It was not enough as a main course alone, so I decided to use it as a flavoring agent in another dish: roadside cabbage.

The inspiration for my meal came from a simple dish of rice and cabbage served by the side of the road in China, but my version departs from the original in tis flavorings. I start by frying some onions in my skillet. When they are translucent, I add the pork finely chopped, some minced galanga (a cousin of ginger from my garden), tumeric powder, and some cumin seed. I crush some black pepper into the dish at this time too. Once the aromas are strong, I add the shredded cabbage, about half a head. Everything is quickly stirred together. Once the cabbage has wilted, I add a little wine to deglaze the bottom of the pan. The main course is done.

Before I start my stir fry, I prepare my rice to cook at the same time. To your normal rice cooking method, add the following ingredients to cook with the rice: cloves in a sachet and flax seeds. When the rice is done, I add a little butter for an extra flavor.

For the salad, I dice a little red onion, and I cube some cucumbers and tomatoes. This is tossed with an easy dressing: a dash of toasted sesame seed oil, sherry vinegar, a pinch of sugar, a little olive oil, a little soy sauce, and a little fish sauce. The fish sauce smells bad, but my kids like the taste, so I think anyone should be fine with it.

I serve the rice by putting it into a small bowl to mold it into a mound on the plate, and then I place the salad to one side, and the cabbage on the other. It takes me around a half hour to prepare this meal, and it goes down well.



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