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Hidden Parks

I have an odd habit of driving through neighborhoods. I picked up this routine from my practice to arrive early for an inspection, so I can get to know the area, to speak knowledgeably with the new homeowner. My travels yesterday were through some neighborhoods close to my own.

I drove down one street that has very large lots, but just a few years ago had homes built in the sixties and seventies. Over the past few years, these lots have become highly sought after, and the old homes have been replaced with sprawling mansions. One of these edifices seems to have been dropped in from Morocco. I would like to see them sell that one when the time comes. I moved over to a less ostentatious development next to this one. This is where I discovered a public park not listed on my street finder.

I frequently come across these parks, but this one appealed to me because it was so different. Most of these small parks are developed as play areas for children. Many of these locations can be fascinating, but this particular park had paths cut through a natural area, no play equipment. This style of park has become more popular. They make for nice walks, and they do have some open areas for play.

You never know what you might find in your wanderings, so you might find a nice little treasure if you decide to explore your area.


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