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Living in Houston’s New Chinatown

Realtors will create a document called a market report for a given area to make you aware of the housing conditions there. I am an inspector, and we do not partake in such activities, but having written of a journey through the new Chinatown area, I thought that I should follow it up with a little commentary about living in this part of town.

The last post went over some of the commercial areas, but it should be noted that this part of town, like much of Houston’s west, is in growth mode. It is easy to find a variety of shops or locations for all of your needs. The city has been working on improving the infrastructure in the west as well. Expanding roads, utility improvements, and parks have all been undergoing restoration and renewal to meet the demands of the residents. Arthur Storey Park along the Beltway 8 has been cleaned up, and it is looking like a nice family spot. Kirkwood was widened to allow better traffic flow. As the western portions of our city continue to develop, the city will meet the demands of the infrastructure.

Although I am writing of a Chinatown, and immigrants from Southeast Asia play a large role in this community, the neighborhoods are ethnically diverse. Larger homes of the higher price ranges border this area. There is a mix of townhomes, affordable homes, and mid-range homes throughout the community (and I should not forget apartment options). Many of the homes built in the last ten years are quite spacious inside, with good sized yards. Community parks abound. Traffic can be heavy during rush hour, but most of Houston faces this issue. For bus service, you do have the number 2 line taking you into the medical center, where you can hop on the light rail into downtown.

Houston Independent School District oversees the education of some of the children in this region, but most kids will attend Alief I.S.D. I know that Alief has a vanguard program in some of its schools. This is the program for gifted children, and I would look into having any child go into that education. There is a public library on Kirkwood, north of the Bellaire intersection.

City services come through the city of Houston, so you will go to them for water and sanitation. Center Point will handle gas, and electricity is through various vendors. For non-emergency situations here are some phone numbers:

Police: 713.884.3131

Fire Department: 713.247.5000

For business development: Houston West Chamber of Commerce 713.785.4922

Well, that is a brief overlook of the area. The Houston West Chamber of Commerce produces a wonderful book introducing people to the neighborhood, so you may want to find it to guide you in this area.


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