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A Valentine’s Day Gift for New Homeowners

I was trying to come up with a post today, and I thought it fitting to make it a gift for people who have just moved into their home, but I suppose this will be good for others as well. If you are already net savvy, this sites may not be new to you, but I thought I would list them anyway, since some people reading this post,just may not have stumbled upon them.

These first set of links fit the on-line, cloud computing models. Everything that I am putting down is free, but I imagine that they generate money through ads or trying to sell you a service.

The following two links are on-line office suites, that fit into the idea that Google is offering. You may know about Google’s suite, so I thought I would guide you to these.




Do you need help remembering the various tasks that you need to do? Try this site, which helps you organize your life. Some good features here.


This next site is intriguing. They will download your financial information for you. Help you create a budget, and give you tips to save on purchases. Basically, finances on autopilot.


This next set of programs can be downloaded to your computer. Most of these sites ask for donations. You do not have to, but a one point be nice and do so.

Oh, yes, my favorite browser, which I can customize for my own needs with the add-ons. I feel that it much securer surfing the web with this browser (I have not heard of an attack on it like we hear about Internet Explorer).


Coupled with the browser is an e-mail client which performs like Outlook. I actually enjoy this more than Outlook, and again, it is versatile in its setup.


Need an office suite, but you do not want to do it online, then try this offering from IBM. Personally, I paid the $80 or so dollars for StarOffice. It has been my friend for many a year. There are other open document format office suites out, by I like the fact that IBM has entered this field.


There are many other open source free programs to explore, and many of them are available at the next link. Just type in the style of program that you want, and it will bring up a list. The GnuCash that I mentioned in one post is to be found here.


Isn’t free stuff grand, and yes, I am a cheap Valentine’s Day date.



  Matt wrote @

The online notebook is very useful. http://www.springnote.com

  frankschulteladbeck wrote @

Thank you for sharing your site Matt. It does look useful.

I forgot to add these sites to build up the security features of your computer:

You can obtain a good anti-virus software here:

and here is something for your anti-spyware:

If anyone else has a suggestion, please feel free to leave it.

  WwW.Aharrouy.Info wrote @

Thank you Very Much Sir …..

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