A Home Inspector’s Weblog by Frank Schulte-Ladbeck

exploring homes and the lives in them around Houston

About the ever wandering Frank and an offer of help

I decided to create a blog to mainly deal with my business, but I have been wandering into other areas. Mostly, I am focused on the home and how you live in it. Moreover, I am trying to provide advice to those who want to buy (or have bought) a house.

I am a professional real estate inspector in Texas. I did work as a home stager at one time. I have a curiosity about how people find and take care of their home, and what information they need to accomplish those tasks. This leads many of my posts to be a little long, but what else do you expect from a German-American. We love to meander through details, instead of making a simple statement. Just look at a sentence in German.

If you have some questions about your home, or if you would like an estimate for a home inspection, you can e-mail me by clicking this line.

I usually respond within twenty-four hours. My website has pages describing steps in buying a home, more information on what is examined during a home inspection, and some tips for sellers. Otherwise, leave a note for further details in the comment section, and I will respond. Hope this helps.

Thank you for reading, Frank

License number 9073 (The State of Texas requires that I make my license number available on any advertisement. I do not think of this as an ad, but you never know what those sweet, dear people in the Commission might think- I hope that I did not lay it on to thick for them with that remark).



  David Snyder wrote @


I work with Masonite doors, and was wondering if you would consider doing a blog about one of their products for your site.

Let me know of any information that you would need to consider such a post.

Thank You

  frankschulteladbeck wrote @

I have sent you an e-mail. I was thinking of a post on doors soon.

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