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Houston Architects: O Russell Worley, AIA

Looking at homes comes naturally for an inspector. My walks through Houston neighborhoods leads me to analyze these structures out of professional curiosity. However, I love the design of the buildings as well. I began to realize that I really do not know the names of some of the architects working around our community though, so I decided to take a journey to discover some of the people working in this medium around town.

An internet search brought up several names. The first person on the list was O. Russell Worley. When looking through his portfolio, I recognized some of the homes. In fact, I had observed some of the work on them. Since I had this connection, I delved further into the portfolio. There were elegant touches in his homes that brought out some features in a striking way. I would love to look more at his interiors, because they seem the most intriguing.

I wanted you to see this lay out. There is a thoughtful element in this building which greatly appeals to me. If you notice, there is a lawn courtyard surrounded by the edifice before heading to the pool and backyard. I think that looking at this landscaped feature from the windows would be so much nicer than the pool. Pools are nice, but they are not as visually dramatic as this space could be.

Most home designs seem to focus on the interior in recent years. No one really wants to differ from their neighbors by too much. This interior uses an alignment to bring your intention all the way to the end of the room. The ceiling beams help with this effect. From a few other photographs in his portfolio, you can see where Mr. Worley has an expertise in creating these visual elements in his work.

I will have to pay more attention on my journey around town to see if I can spot more of his work. Look through his work, and you may find that there are features that you may be able to incorporate into your home. Well, he does do additions. Sometimes architects are worth it; even for our more simple homes.

Your Houston home inspector,

Frank Schulte-Ladbeck