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Personalizing your time on the web

Should I give up on newspapers? This past Sunday morning I could not sit back and relax to read the paper. Life happens, and half the paper is sitting on my desk unread. My favorite diversion is my daughter deciding that she needs to reading the paper instead of me. You try telling a one year old that she cannot read.

I do log onto the web through the day for business. I found that I could set up igoogle as a page that would have all of my interests collected in an easy to scan form. Tabs for art, business, music, and so on let me go to see what is going on in different interests in my life. I created my own html page for my home page for the browser, so that I have quick access to some information that I need for my business. I placed a link to igoogle on the landing page, so I could go over to quickly scan the stories that are out there.

The Google search bow is still on the top of this page, so I can look items up, but I found a good way to personalize my search further.  Surf Canyon has developed a great little plug-in to help me focus in on my search. The program reorders the lists provided on Google, MSN, and Yahoo based on what websites that I am visiting. A good way to get rid of the chaff during a search. Surf Canyon is not intrusive, so it makes for an easier search.

It is nice when our lives can be made easier, but I do not think that I can give up my Sunday morning paper. I enjoy the paper in my hand, whether it is from a newspaper or book. Sorry Kindle.

Your Houston home inspector,

Frank Schulte-Ladbeck